Selter treatment method

Selter treatment method – guaranteed slimming results with over 25 years of Finnish professional experience

We offer a unique slimming and muscle rehabilitation treatment with guarantee, and this without diet, more excercise,  medecines or any other additional dietary supplements. This method speeds up the metabolism of the body,  activates the lympha circulation, reduces pain, relaxes AND makes the muscles work.

The treatment is done done by a muscle-lymph stimulator ”Selter Lymphomed 24” and always by an expert in this area.

Our promise, WITH GUARANTEE – is to lose in 3 weeks and with 5 treatments 15 cm of  the girth of your your waist, hip, bum and thighs (counted together).

This guarantee is given to persons with BMI 26 or more, and attending the treatment twice a week. The duration of the treatment is about one hour, taking into account the measurements in the beginning.

In addition, this electrotherapy-method boost the natural production of endorfines, and is painless.

Selter treatment is relaxing and comfortable.